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Expert Tuition in All Areas of Maths

  • Why not take a FREE TASTER TRIAL lesson which will also provide an assessment of the pupil’s standard.
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  • Save the time and trouble of travelling to a tuition centre or private tutors and SAVE MONEY. Our sessions are individual or in groups and the online method (with or without visual contact depending on the preference of the student) allows us to keep charges to a minimum. And so confident are we that students will be happy to continue with a full course of lessons, we are offering a FREE Trial lesson that also gives you an assessment of the pupil’s standard.


Why Choose SimplifyMATHS online tuition school…

SimplifyMaths is a state of the art online tuition school using the most up to date technology that provides the most efficient online teaching platform for pupils to learn effectively in the comfort of their own environment. This could be from home or from any location so long as they have a computer, internet service and a good set of earphones.

The online platform is the best on the market. We have tried and tested the platform and we are satisfied that it is extremely robust and efficient with exceptional facilities. Here are some of the services it provides:

  • Excellent sound
  • Lessons can be recorded and played back
  • Optional video sharing. Pupils can choose not to be seen by the tutor but the tutor will always be available to watch
  • Most importantly, easy to use!

Save the time and trouble of getting to a tuition centre

Group lessons only £10 per hour (Maximum 3 pupils in a group)

  • One to One Lessons only £30 per hour

Ongoing assessment and regular feedback is provided.

SimplifyMaths ensures that we deliver the best results for each pupil.

  • Why not take a FREE TASTER TRIAL lesson which will also provide an assessment of the pupil’s standard.
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Book Individual or Group Lessons

Commitment to ensure pupils achieve their full potential

  • Pupils will be assessed as part of their first trial session to identify the standard of the pupil
  • The Online platform provides ‘break-out’ rooms therefore giving opportunity for each pupil to have individual support even in a group session
  • Lessons will be structured to pupil’s individual needs and identified gaps will be taught through targeted teaching
  • Ongoing assessment of the pupil is made to ensure that the pupil is grasping the lesson taught and gaining confidence
  • Feedback after lessons is available to guardians so they are fully aware of lessons taught and progress being made

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