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At SimplifyMATHS, we only have qualified / experienced tutors who are passionate about teaching maths and who have proven teaching experience. Our tutors take the time to understand the unique way you learn, to ensure their teaching style is perfectly suited to you.

We Specialise In These Areas

Mental Maths - Techniques & Practice

Covering Year 7 to Year 11 Secondary School Maths

AS/A-Levels Taught

SATS papers taught & practised

Primary Level Maths Covered; Ages 5 to 11

Revision of past GCSE papers


All maths sessions are to be booked on a monthly basis. You choose when your lessons are scheduled. 


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John has now completed all his exams for the year and achieved very high scores 2nd highest in the class which is amazing thank you. – Sam, mother of John – Year 10
I really enjoy maths now. I did not enjoy the subject before. I can’t wait for my lessons and have never learnt so much in one maths lesson before… – Patricia, Primary Level

Well seasoned crafted teacher who has excelled Chris with his results. – Sue, mother of Chris – Year 7