Individual lessons (All levels of maths are covered from Primary to A-Level Maths)

These lessons are bespoke to the pupil’s requirements and therefore are highly effective.

Ongoing assessment and regular feedback are provided for individual lessons.

Choosing SimplifyMATHS ensures you will attain the best possible results.


Group lessons (For GCSE Pupils ONLY)

We start off with a 20-minute joint revision class on e.g. trigonometry. After this each pupil has their own independent time with the tutor through the facility of breakout rooms to work through questions on this topic. These group lessons are proven to be very effective and highly popular. Unlike most other group lessons provided by other tuition centres we ensure that our group lessons are still highly personalised so that each pupil in the group still receives invaluable personal support from the tutor. All pupils in the group are all on the same syllabus and are of the same ability.

From our experience it has also been proven that our group lessons are a very useful way of learning from each other.

These group lessons are extremely affordable and come with great benefits. Please note that SimplifyMATHS only offers group tuition to pupils studying for GCSEs.

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