With the GCSE results out yesterday, it has appeared in the news that the department of education wanting to make exams harder has succeeded. They wanted to make exam content more challenging, for example in maths, the way questions are set out are very different from before. In addition, with exams just at the end of the year as opposed to in modules, this is seen as more demanding.

Number 9 is now the top grade, replacing the A* and only 3.5% of GCSE maths students achieved this grade. The number of top GCSE grades awarded this year has fallen since he new grading system was introduced. As well as this, the general pass rate has also dipped as the exams get tougher for students.

For the new style of maths GCSE, students had to focus more on topics such as number, ratio and proportion, showing their clear mathematical arguments for their calculations and they must remember key formulae.

If your child is entering their GCSE years or has just received their results and isn’t happy, it could be worth taking up some tutoring classes to help them through their most grueling years at school. With more demands and pressure on pre-teens, encouragement and support is the best thing you can give them.