SimplifyMaths is a small independent family business. Our background is solely in promoting good teaching and learning in mathematics. Our sister Company, SolveMaths, is a successful business that has a proven track record of significantly improving the provision and standards of mathematics across many schools in London. In addition to in-house school support, SolveMaths works with renowned education publishers such as Rising Stars (Hodders) and Harper Collins in assisting and writing some of their books and assessment products for schools. Therefore, we are up to date with the requirements of the National Curriculum and follow closely changes being made so it can be implemented in our teaching.

SimplifyMaths evolved after our experience of teaching in a tuition centre. We saw, first-hand, the confusion and frustration that parents and pupils underwent from learning at a tuition centre in an evening or at weekend. It was chaotic to say the least!

Here are a few examples of the difficulties experienced:

• Children jumping out of their cars on busy roads as parents could not find parking
• Roads were held up with cars stopping causing danger and frustration to other drivers
• Parents sitting in cars for the whole hour waiting for their child
• Parents that went home sometimes got stuck in traffic getting back to the tuition centre leaving the child waiting out in the cold in unsafe conditions
• Pupils travelling by public transport – often arrived late missing half their lesson
• This meant the pupil did not get any learning from the lesson which was such a waste of the parent’s money

We just thought that this was no way for a parent or their child to spend their valuable time. Hence, this gave us the inspiration of opening an online tuition centre. It would take away the problems that was experienced at learning in a tuition centre. Learning online would be such a welcoming proposition for both the parents and their children. The pupil could learn in their own environment and at a time that suits them and parents could carry on with their own chores or relax at home whilst their child learnt in their own home.

Hence, we researched the market to look for the best online teaching platform and tried many different platforms before we decided to go with the platform that we use at SimplifyMaths. We are delighted to say that since starting we have had many very happy pupils and parents. The system works well and it is like being in a live classroom. Read more about the online system by clicking on the SimplifyMATHS tab.

Is Online Tuition Safe?

Yes, our program is designed so it only allows one tutor to have access to the lesson and this tutor has all essential security checks. (All security checks are available for your reference). You can record all lessons so you check to see what is going on second by second. Pupils have the option of deciding whether they want to see the tutor. However, the pupil can always see the tutor.


Our service is purely maths focussed
SimplifyMATHS is one of a few tuition companies providing maths tuition as the only subject. We ensure that we keep up to date on changes made in the National Curriculum so we teach the appropriate standards required.

We are a small company and are passionate about giving the pupils our undivided attention.

Feedback from our pupils and parents is invaluable and we pride ourselves in having never received a complaint. Parents are delighted with the ease of learning for their child and have commended us on the online service we provide.

Above all, SimplifyMATHS’ aim is to see pupils that come to them grow in confidence in understanding and enjoying maths. This is the key motive of our online tuition teaching. It gives us great pleasure to see a pupil progress very quickly and gaining a good grasp of the subject.

Young teenage female student preparing for exams at home

Passionate and Fully Experienced Maths Teachers Only
All of our tutors have an expert knowledge in maths and are passionate about giving every pupil the opportunity to get the best possible result.

Our tutors work tirelessly to ensure the pupil understand topics being taught and at the start of every lesson reinforce topics learnt in previous lesson to ensure topics are not forgotten.

Tutors are aware that pupils are all different and they adapt teaching to suit the pupil in order that they get the best results for the pupil.

All tutors are up to date with the National Curriculum and constantly review changes being made in order that their teaching is current for the pupil.

All tutors are security cleared.

Primary Maths Tuition

Regular feedback on progress

We know it is important for pupils and guardians to be in ‘the loop’ with regards to material being studied and knowledge being gained or whether more emphasis needs to be provided in a particular area.

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