Our SATs course plans cover the following areas:

This course is aimed at Level 4 and Level 5 National Curriculum in Mathematics. We will focus on ‘Number and Algebra’, ‘Shape Space and Measures’ & ‘Handling data’. We will cover the fundamental aspects of each of these Key Attainment targets. The course content has been carefully selected to improve each pupil’s score in the SATs test.

‘Number and Algebra’ will include

Four rules of number (+ – x ¸), Use all four operations with decimals to two places. Checking solutions using inverse operations. Proportions as simple fractions and percentage. Fraction/percentage of quantity and measures. Ratio and direct proportion to solve problems. Number patterns and relationships. Coordinates in all four quadrants. Simple formulae. Use of involving one or two operations. Add, subtract and order negative numbers.

‘Shape, Space and Measure’ will include

Drawing 2-D shapes. Reflecting shapes. Identity of symmetries of all 2-D shapes. Metric measure and imperial conversion. Perimeter and area. Construction and measurement of angles. Geometry rules of triangles.

‘Handling Data’ will include

Use of discrete data on frequency table. Range, mean, median and mode. Simple graphs. Probability and outcomes. Differing outcomes. Pie charts.


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