The Dreaded “R” Word

 In Maths Tuition

We all know the word that sends a shiver down the back of all students, particularly around exam time…REVISION. How much have you done? Have you covered this topic? What does this mean? Did we even learn this?…These are all questions students are constantly faced with from their peers. You’ve got enough on your plate without stressed-out-Sally asking you these questions every five minutes or revision-card-Ryan intimidating you with his hundreds of note cards of a topic you don’t even remember learning.

Exams, results and revision shouldn’t be so heavily weighted on young adults’ minds and be something we fear. While education and good grades are undoubtedly important, this seems to come at a cost in the classroom with over-stressed students and teachers struggling to accommodate to everyone’s needs.

Personal tuition, particularly online tuition, can be a solution to such problem. Revision is a daunting topic but with tuition there is generally more motivation to get it done, and a willingness to learn and improve leads to a more positive outcome. Working with someone in a revision tutor environment is more sociable than shutting yourself in your room trying to work, with distractions all around you. A tutor can ensure you stay focused for your set time and get a solid amount of work done, as well as being able to re-explain things you haven’t yet understood.

Online tuition can also benefit in further ways, not having to travel anywhere to get the work done but simply from your own home; with a laptop and WiFi you’re good to go! The overall entry of GCSEs for all students in the UK in 2016 was over 5 million, expected to have increased this year, so make sure your revision doesn’t take a back-seat as there is lots of competition out there.



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